Easter Activities our Family Did…You Still Have Time!

Easter Activities our Family Did…You Still Have Time!

Our family had such a great time Friday night celebrating what Jesus did for us! It started out after a wonderful dinner I made from scratch (it has been a while!) of homemade Artisan Bread and Creamy Chicken and Dumpling Soup (I invented this recipe on the spot!)  I will definitely try to post about both of these things soon.

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More importantly, I wanted to tell you about some of the Easter activities that we did together as a family.  After dinner, we had the kids hang out in one of their rooms so we could hide Easter baskets and candy-filled eggs.  (Yes, I know it isn’t Easter morning, but my husband is speaking/doing magic for kids’ church at another church Saturday night and Sunday morning so we have to rearrange our schedule a bit!)  Once they came down we let them search for the eggs and baskets.

After that was over we dyed easter eggs.  I just bought the boring old egg dyeing kit.  Oh, it did have the cool cellophane shrink wrap things.  The kids really liked those.  We did do something new this year!  I read somewhere online that you can use rubber cement on your eggs before you dip them in the dye.  They turned out really neat and was such a fun, new thing to do.  Make sure that after you put the glue on where you want, that you allow it to dry completely before you dip it.  We wised up and started using a hair dryer to dry them faster.

Once you are done dipping the egg in the dye, you can peel or rub off the rubber cement and the egg is completely white underneath.  This one was just pulled out but the rubber cement isn’t peeled off yet.

Once we finished coloring our eggs we made our Resurrection Cookies.  I couldn’t believe how much they didn’t like the taste of plain salt.  We all took turns mixing it and with 5 children that broke down to 2 minutes a piece.

We had a good laugh as my husband was reading the directions from the blog and we realized that I have a typo and tell you to “give each chile a piece of tape”.  Sorry about that, it sure did give us a laugh. Now I don’t know if I should edit it or not?  Here are the older 4 “sealing the tomb”. Well, I guess you see 3 kiddos, plus an extra arm….

I do think that the littlest one, enjoyed making the Resurrection Cookies the most.

I would really like to encourage you to take the time to create a new family tradition this Easter.  I know our kids loved making the cookies. It was such a cool way to incorporate Scripture into an activity.  They really were into it.  I have read about them for quite a few years and never had gotten around to making them.  Make it happen this year if you haven’t done it yet.  Not to sound morbid, but you don’t know if you will have the opportunity next year to do this with your kids.  Seize the opportunity this weekend!  Things don’t happen unless you plan them.

Do you have a fun and different way to dye eggs? Did you get a chance to dye them this year?  Did you make the Resurrection Cookies or plan to make them soon?  Let me know!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

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