Homeschool Mother’s Journal-week of July 17th

Homeschool Mother’s Journal-week of July 17th

In my life this week…Can we say HOT!  Yes, we are part of that horrible heat blanket, wave or whatever meteorologists want to call it!  IT is HOT and our poor RV air conditioning is working overtime trying to keep up.  We are just trying to stay inside as much as possible.  But that has been fun playing games, reading and watching the kids be very inventive!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… we headed out to St. Louis, MO and Carlinville, IL where my husband was performing.  In case you don’t know, he is a magician/comedian and we occasionally get to travel with him. We love getting to do this!

My favorite thing this week was…not having to cook much since we have been on the road.  Way to hot to cook in an RV!  100+ degree temps!

I’m reading…Things We Wish We’d Known by Bill and Diana Waring.  50 Veteran Homeschoolers Share on all kinds of topics related to homeschooling.  I am hoping to find some inspiration or tips!  I have only read one chapter so far but it looks like a great book, which is why I bought it when I was at the ICHE convention.

I’m grateful for…Being able to travel with my husband while he works.  I love that we all can hang out together and play together and work together.  I love TOGETHER!  You will notice this as a theme in my next post!

So there you have it for the week….if you want to see what other’s posted click here!  Scroll to the bottom of that page to see everyone else’s links! Hope you have fun!

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