Update on my sewing progress from last week….

Update on my sewing progress from last week….

Tim’s mom and I had a super, wonderful, great, magnificent (ok, you get the idea) time last week sewing.  We (including the kiddos) stayed up to crazy hours of the night, slept until late morning and ate dinner out every evening! Joy (10) even sewed each day with us on a quilt that she has been working on.  Yes, she has her own machine and has been quilting since she was 5 (with grandma and mommy’s help) and at 6 we got her her own machine.

I spent most of the week sewing 2 twin quilts for the boys.  I have all my blocks sewn, but need to put the last 3 rows together and onto the quilt. I am so close to being done and would have finished, but I had another idea I had to do!  One of our friends’ children was having her first birthday over the weekend and I really didn’t want to get her a plastic toy.  I knew she would be getting a bunch of them and I would most likely end up duplicating another gift.  So, mid week I decided to make a quilt for her!  5 hours later here is what it looked like:

The name  (Maeve) and flowers are appliqued and I sewed ric-rack onto it.  Then I free-motion quilted it (for those of you who care to know)!

Here is a photo of part of one of the boys’ quilts.  I am holding it the wrong way though in the picture.  That is really the top 3 rows of the quilt.  Oh, and look at the floor.  Isn’t it a scary sight? Yeah, it’s better now, but the little girls sure did have fun cutting up all of our scraps!

This week should be a bit more of normal as we finish up what school work we didn’t finish last week and try to get us into a good schedule for the school year!  I hope you all have a great week too!




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