I am shaking as I write this….

I am shaking as I write this….

I am shaking as I am writing this. I was dragged kicking and screaming into this, and now I want you to join me!

Let me back up a couple of weeks…..

I posted on Facebook a couple weeks ago about exercising.  I asked “How do homeschool mom’s fit exercising into their day?  I am feeling like a blob!”

While I got some nice responses, I got myself sucked into a fitness challenge.  I have dreaded November 1st for a week now! November Shred has started.

If you are wondering what it is….a group of us are challenging ourselves to each do 30 days of Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred Workout DVD.  The workouts are short (less than 30 minutes) but intense.

A group of us did it last September 2010…but I had to bow out about 6 days into it due to a medical issue (unrelated).

So here I am again, kicking and screaming, because my body is so out of shape it is going to kill me.  Ok, probably not, but I am still shaking from that first workout.

So as any good friend would do, I am asking you to join us! We have a closed group on FB where we check in each day.  All we ask you to do is be honest, accountable and encouraging.  If you leave me a comment on Facebook at my Home in the Trenches page I will ask my friend who sucked me in our fearless group leader to add you to the group!

Don’t worry if you don’t start today with us.  I bought the DVD at Target a year ago, they may still have it.  Also, I know that Amazon carries it.  Just let us know now that you are in and then start once you get your DVD!  WE would love to have you!!!!!!

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  1. Yay! Good for you! I like the Shred workouts! I’ve been doing them since the end of January and I also like her 6 week 6 pack workout. Yikes, but they are hard!

    I’m Nikki from the TOS Crew and Molly’s Home Team. I thought I was already following you b/c I like your FB page already. Anyway…I’m following your blog now. :)

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