Math Mammoth: A TOS Review

Math Mammoth: A TOS Review

Math Mammoth: A TOS Review


Sacha’s<25: Math Mammoth offers math worktexts and workbooks for grades 1-8, available as both downloads and printed books. The worktexts are written to be self-teaching requiring little prep from the teacher.

Home in the Trenches Product Rating (out of 10 stars)

Is it worth our time?  7 stars
Did it help us learn? 7 stars
Is it worth the money? 9 stars
Is it useful to me? 7 stars
Practicality- 8 stars
Quality- 8 stars
Kid Rating- 7 stars

We were given the choice from the author, Maria Miller, to choose what would be the best fit for our children to review.  I decided that we would like to use Math Mammoth as a review (on specific topics) for Andrew (8 years old and in 2nd grade, yet doing 3rd grade math).  She has so much to offer that it can seem overwhelming just looking through all she has to offer.  Maria was kind enough to offer any help we needed in making sure that we were getting something that was going to fit for our family.  She offers this service to any of her customers. Here is a quick overview of what she has:

We asked to review 2 topics from the Blue Series.  We received Introduction to Fractions and Multiplication 1.  (You can click directly on those to see them directly on her website!)


Here is a sample page of what Introduction to Fractions looks like:

Our experience:  Once we were able to download the worktexts we were on our way.  The great thing about it is that I could just print off the pages we needed for that day. We enjoyed working our way through the Introduction to Fractions.  While Andrew wasn’t able to always understand what a section wanted him to, with a little bit of mom’s explanation he was good to go. He has a much better grasp of fractions from the pages that we completed.  

I found Multiplication 1 much more confusing.  I really just wanted to use it to brush up and reinforce what he already knew and to help get those facts cemented in his brain.  Because it was taught so differently from our usual curriculum, I found it hard to start part way through the worktext with the material we needed to work on.  I didn’t want to have to go over everything about multiplication again! He understands the concepts, just doesn’t know his facts as well as I would like him to.

What I liked:

  • Andrew didn’t complain about doing the Fraction pages (on top of his regular math for the day)—And he learned!
  • The price! Multiplcation 1 is just $5.00 for the download and Intro to Fractions is a mere $4.00!
  • It’s downloadable and can print just the pages I needed!  If they make a mistake or don’t understand a topic, just print it off again!
  • Can be used for multiple children!!!!!  Major bonus for those with Large Families!!!!!!

What I didn’t like:

  • Typos!  (I only found 1, but it made for some Mom confusion!)
  • I couldn’t use Multiplication 1 as a review– it taught things so differently that it was confusing to us!

To sum it up: In my opinion there are more pros than cons to this math curriculum.  Whether you want to supplement your current math curriculum or need a new math curriculum you should at least check out what Maria Miller of Math Mammoth has to offer!  The price is right and great for large families!


The important information:


Order from: Head here on the Math Mammoth site to check out the different places to order!

Price: various, depending on what you purchase!

Introduction to Fractions: $4.00 for downloadable version *she also offers hard copies and CD’s

Multiplication 1:$5.00 for the downloadable version

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Disclosure/Disclaimer:  I received the above product free of charge for review purposes.  I am only expected to give an honest review.

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  1. We have used MM for our primary math curriculum for 4 years and love it but you are right about the differences in explanations. I have heard many people say that they are using MM for supplementing another curriculum or for review and I always wonder how that works because you have to expect to “re-teach” a few things. Sometimes it is that re-teaching that finally makes a concept click for a child. My oldest can do an amazing amount of mental calculations but can also struggle to explain her work in a traditional way. It has been the perfect program for her because she needs a lot of explanation of the concepts.

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