Vintage Remedies for Kids: A TOS Review

Vintage Remedies for Kids: A TOS Review

Vintage Remedies for Kids: A TOS Review


Sacha’s<25: A spiral bound book for kids ages 2-6 and their parents, which covers many aspects of natural living–wellness, nutrition, immunity, and body care.

Home in the Trenches Product Rating (out of 10 stars)

Is it worth our time?  8 stars
Did it help us learn? 9 (mom) and 6 (kids) stars
Is it worth the money? 6 stars
Is it useful to me? 7 stars
Practicality- 7 stars
Quality- 8 stars
Kid Rating- 6 stars

From The Vintage Remedies Website:

Based on the popular Vintage Remedies for Girls and Guys workbooks, this edition is perfect for younger siblings! Vintage Remedies for Kids teaches healthy and natural living to boys and girls ages 2-6. This new workbook is packed with projects covering every aspect of natural living including wellness, nutrition, immunity, natural body care, and the conservative use of valuable natural resources – in terms they will understand and remember!

Little ones will learn how to choose healthy foods, how to prepare some fun and delicious snacks, how to establish prevention based habits, and how they can participate in your family’s natural lifestyle. The workbook is flexible and can be used for playgroups or as a fun family project,. It’s packed with hands on activities that are perfect for little hands, but fun for all ages. Each of the 18 chapters includes a brief age appropriate lesson on the topic, a featured project, instructions for parents and a selection of additional projects on the topic for additional fun. The book also contains sample schedules for preschoolers and convenient shopping lists for each project, complete with a resource guide and tips for parents and leaders.
spiral bound • 6×9 inches • 202 pages

Just a quick FYI: I was expecting a book full of pictures with age appropriate visuals for the 2-6 year old crowd.  This is not the case.  As much as it is described as a workbook, it is not like a workbook that you would expect for preschool/kindergarden age.  There are no pictures and it is just black and white text.  It is more like a guide for a parent to teach these topics to your child.  Our intro letter from the company said that there are coloring pages on their website to go along with the book.  You can download them from their website. I was thinking that they would go along with the lesson topics (i.e…hygiene would have a picture of someone washing their hands etc), but they are just “clip art type” drawings of individual fruit and vegetables.

What I liked:

  • The organization of the book is great, well laid out. Each chapter begins with a “Parent Section”.  Next is the “Read to Me” to do with your child and then some followup “Thinking it Over” questions.  Then there is a “Leading by Example” suggestion and some type of project to do with your child.
  • It was a great introduction to natural living.  I learned quite a bit from reading it!
  • WOW, the packaging it came in was beautiful and hand wrapped!  They also included another of their books, The Kitchen Herbal, as a thank you!

What I didn’t like:

  • Unfortunately, to do many of the projects I would have needed to purchase extra things–either special foods for the recipes or herbs and such for some of the “natural health medicines”.
  • I could not get my almost 5 year old to be interested…she just wasn’t into this. The book does state “that lessons should be taught to the child when they are ready to learn, based on maturity and personal preferences.”  Maybe she just isn’t ready for it yet.

To sum it up: If you are looking for a low-key way to teach healthy living to your kids 2-6 years old this is a great resource for information and a perfect place to start if you don’t know where to begin. In case you have older children Vintage Remedies also has separate books for Boys and Girls ages 7-13 as well as one for tweens.


The important information:


Vintage Remedies for Kids

by Jessie Hawkins

Published by:  Thistle Publications

Order from: Vintage Remedies

Price: $25.00

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Disclosure/Disclaimer:  I received the above product free of charge for review purposes.  I am only expected to give an honest review.

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