Pig Out!

Pig Out!

Here’s a great idea for an easy and cheap meal…Not to mention that your kids will think you are really cool!

Occasionally we have had a really big meal after church on Sundays and not really been ready for another meal in the evening, but needed to eat something. Sometimes, I just can’t come up with a quick meal for lunch during our school days. Here’s where Pig Out comes into play.

The kids named this meal Pig Out. What is Pig Out? I am glad you asked!

Essentially it is a meal of fresh fruit or veggies cut up, cheese, crackers, popcorn etc. (whatever you have on hand) Today for lunch we had popcorn, cheddar and colby jack cheese and crackers. Along with that we had cut up orange slices (can I say super cheap and delicious this time of year?) along with grapes.

Sometimes it has been cucumbers, carrots, celery and peppers with ranch dip and cheese and crackers.

Occasionally, I serve it to them on individual plates like the above photo.  Other times I set the food out on really pretty platters on the middle of the table for everyone to choose exactly what they would like.

It is really whatever you have or are in the mood for. And it is healthy too. Why don’t you try Pig Out this week and see what your kids say!

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  1. we also do this! works well in a big family of 5 kids!!! we do the big spread on the dining room table everyone gets what they want. makes for fun conversation too.

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