What do you need to change? Or what is working for you?

What do you need to change? Or what is working for you?

It is this time of year that many of us are trying to decide what is working in our homeschools and what isn’t…I know I am. (well, I might have to say I am in a constant state of trying to figure this out)

Here are a few of the things that I know we are changing up for the upcoming school year:

  • We will be slowing down our next Sonlight core–we want to be able to digest and enjoy it, not just be stressed trying to run through it. LOVE Sonlight, but need to slow it down.  Next year we will be in 3 different cores….A, C, H!
  • I am looking for a different Math curriculum for Matthew-Grade 7-pre-algebra—have been using Horizons but looking for something with more instruction.  Each child learns differently and while Horizons is still awesome for my daughter doing the same level it isn’t as great for my son! (By the way, Alpha Omega is offering a 20% discount in April on your order and 15% in May!) Any ideas, anyone????
  • We will be adding some of the Progeny Press Literature Study Guides….I just loved reviewing this product and can’t wait to add it into our curriculum for next year. The critical thinking skills and how to think biblically are taught so well through these guides.
  • Sticking with Apologia science.  I know at least one of my kids will be doing General Science (maybe 2) and then still trying to decide on another Young Explorer Book-maybe Land Animals for the 3rd grader and Kindergartener.
  • Oh, and we sure do love Institute for Excellence In Writing.  We’ve done SWI-A and Ancient History Based Writing.  Hmm…what to choose next year, not sure yet but it will be IEW for sure!
  • Would still love to figure out a bit better “schedule” for our days….it gets done but I feel like I am running around like a crazy lady.  Maybe that is just the nature of 5 kids and a self-employed husband?

What about you?  What things are you loving this year? What things will you be changing?  I’d love to hear and learn from you….please leave a comment!

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  1. Hi Sacha,
    Based on what you’ve said about Excellence in Writing, I’m very interested in trying it out with my kids next year, but, I find the website confusing…not sure where to start. It seems like I need to get the instruction DVDs as well as a writing product for the kids. Is this correct? Would I need to get two different products for my 2nd and 4th grader or is there something they could both do? How does this fit in with the Sonlight materials? Thanks for your input! It’s so valuable to be able to hear from someone who’s used the material. By the way, I completely loved Sonlight this year and will continue with it next year.

  2. HI Amy-I purchased the Teaching Writing Structure and Style (these are DVD’s for you to watch to teach your kids how to write) and then I also purchased SWI-A (both of your children could use this—might just go more slowly for the 2nd grader). SWI-A is a DVD that they watch where Andrew P. is teaching a class of 8-12 students and he walks them through what he wants them to do, then your student goes to their binder and does the assignment. I really liked having both, it took the pressure off of me to actually have to teach them, but I was able to understand what they were doing and how to help them. Some of my friends just have one or the other of these. The TWSS is meant for you to not need anything else but then I think you need to find source texts for them to work with. You can probably call the company and tell them about your students and they can help you better choose what to use. I dropped Sonlight LA because we were having such a terrible time with it. I had no idea how to teach writing. We still have used the grammar books and all of the reading, just not the writing portions, though I do like the copy work and dictation aspects. I just assign writing separate from Sonlight and it has worked really well for us.

    • I will be doing Horizon’s 7 with at least one of my kids next year. I just purchased Life of Fred Fractions to try with my son over the summer….we will see how that is. I have looked at Teaching Textbooks, Monarch by AlphaOmega, Saxon, ALEKS, and a few others. So hard to make a decision and don’t want to mess this one up!

  3. Are you still using Visual Latin? I know you really liked it so I was curious. I have a girlfriend that was saw a different Latin Curriculum at the Homeschool Conf here and was really intrigued by it.

    • The short answer is not right now. Too many things on our plate. I am planning on scheduling it on Tues/Thurs next year for sure! We loved it and want to use it, but a full Sonlight core and a weekly co-op is too much and doesn’t allow us room to add in the extras we would like to!

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