Discovery Scope: A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Discovery Scope: A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Discovery Scope: A Schoolhouse Crew Review


Sacha’s<25:  Discovery Scope is a handheld, wide-field microscope with special features for viewing a hidden world of living things. Great for all ages!

Home in the Trenches Product Rating (out of 10 stars)

Is it worth our time?  10 stars
Did it help us learn?  10 stars
Is it worth the money?  8 stars
Is it useful to me?  10 stars
Practicality-  10 stars
Quality-  10 stars
Kid Rating-  10 stars

From the Discovery Scope Website:

Discovery Scope is an inexpensive, exceptionally durable viewing system for exploring small things. Its 1 inch focal length lens produces beautiful wide field, high resolution views of insects, worms, tiny plants and flowers as well as rocks, sand samples, and crystals. Special chambers and holders are provided for viewing both terrestrial and aquatic organisms.

Kids love exploring with discovery scope, but so do adults, It is hand-held, uses available light…the perfect tool for classrooms and field trips.

After many years of teaching, the late Jim Harvey, Sr. and his teaching partner Bruce Russell knew there had to be a better alternative to the classic microscope. They wanted to be able to look at things that you don’t have to put on a slide, but instead could view in its somewhat real environment. One of the greatest attributes of the scope is being able to reintroduce the organism back to nature. You don’t have to be a biologist or geologist to begin to have fun with the scope.

Our Experience:

We were beyond thrilled to find out that we were chosen to review this item.  Discovery Scope sent out the Discovery Scope basic kit.  I told my kids that we couldn’t open the box until they had finished some other things.  Boy were they motivated.  It wasn’t long before they were done with their work so they could get the Discovery Scope out. It came mailed in a cardboard box and everything within was packed into a “Ziplock” plastic container.  What a great way to store it!  It came with everything we needed to get started and it was simple to figure out how to use. Below are two different views of the scope. The focus tube slides in and out of the body to put the specimen in focus.  You clamp the specimen to the clamp tool.  There are other attachments for this piece including a clear box, 2 small bags and a quick slide.  We loved the clear box.  The kids put a huge beetle in the box and could twist it around and see all different angles of it.  Best thing was that he was alive!  They were able to release him back into nature when they were done!  They were able to put pond water into a small ziplock bag (which was included) and see all the cool things in it!  


Once we got the hang of it and saw all the cool things we could look at with it we decided to try to use my iPhone to take pictures of what we saw.  It takes a little bit of doing but with 4-5 hands we were able to do it!

Joy’s (10) Experience:

“I loved using this microscope!  It magnifies things so well, so well that you can easily see the tiniest details!  Some of the things I magnified were: A beetle, a piece of grass, the top of an acorn, and a flower.  It is so cool seeing nature up close.”

Matthew’s (12) Experience:

“I liked it because it is an easy way to look into God’s nature.  Also, I was able to look at lots of awesome stuff like a stag beetle, dandelions, and pond water.  I think it is a cool idea how they made it…the design is great!”

Andrew’s (8) Experience:

“I really liked looking at sticks with it.  It was really easy to use.”

Faith’s (5) Experience:

“My brother basically hogged it a lot, but once he let me use it I really liked it.  I hope I get more time with it when my brother is busy with school!”


What I liked:

  • Ease of use.  Within just a couple minutes we were out in the yard looking at things with it!
  • Super sturdy and child friendly.
  • Portable.  This has gone over to a few different friends’ houses to “play” with!
  • All ages were able to enjoy using it.
  • Easy to pass around and enjoy what someone else has found and seen up close!

What I didn’t like:

  • It was hard to get my kids to do other things while they are using it!  They have really enjoyed seeing God’s creation more up close!

To sum it up: The coolest, easy to use, microscope which allows children as young as 3 to view even live organisms and return them to nature.-MUST HAVE!


The important information:


Order from: Discovery Scope-

Price: $40+shipping. ****Please note they are adding a cheaper shipping rate–please call and ask for the priority shipping rate if you do not see it on their website yet.

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Disclosure/Disclaimer:  I received the above product free of charge for review purposes.  I am only expected to give an honest review.

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