Passing Time in the Car-Foil Sculpture Game

Passing Time in the Car-Foil Sculpture Game


This lovely sculpture is the Statue of Liberty! We have done quite a bit of car time this summer. We drove all the way to FL from IL and back again. Most recently we drove 12 hours each way up to Northern MN for a fishing trip with my in-laws. This means lots of hours with 5 children strapped into seats!

I did a bit of searching for ideas to pass the time while driving and this was one that I found. I wish I could remember where I found it to give credit, but I can’t. Anyways, the idea is to buy a cheap roll of foil before you leave. We played a few rounds of the game.

I ripped an equal size piece of foil for each player and then called out what they had to try to sculpt with the foil. Our first round was the Statue of Liberty. Yes, hard but fun. I gave everyone as long as they needed to finish their masterpiece. We were going to judge them but instead I just looked at everyone’s and tried to offer a compliment of some sort. Yes, my 3 year old’s didn’t look at all like the 12 year olds. Grace was very happy making “bread sticks” each round with her piece of foil.

Round 2′s challenge was any type of fish and Round 3 was free style…they could make anything that they wanted.


This was a lot of fun. Cheap, minimal mess and it gave us a lot of laughs and passed 30 or more minutes of time without anyone fighting or complaining.

I had a few more things up my sleeves on these trips to keep everyone happy. But you will have to wait to read them…Sorry!

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