I’m back….

I’m back….

Hi again!

I know it has been a few months since my last post!  I really had to take a step back during that time and focus on what was important to me.  My family…..I had gotten so busy with reviews and blogging and running kids places that I was getting burned out.  Not to mention that I was having horrible morning sickness!

So now you have a million questions:

-What? Morning sickness?…..Yes, we are due near the end of May. Yes, we just had a baby. Well, he is 13 months  old now and walking around the house pretty well now.  He will be about 16 months old when the baby comes…yes they will be our closest babies by far! No, we don’t know what we are having. We told the ultrasound techs that we do not want to know what we are having, we want it to be a surprise.  We have 3 girls and 3 boys right now.  #7 is our tie breaker! We did not announce this pregnancy on Facebook….just to our face to face friends! (It gets old hearing all the same comments from people….Do we know what causes this?, We are like a bunch of rabbits, do we own a TV?…the list goes on.  Without me going on rambling about this right now, I find it sad that the church has such a low view of children in general and has taken the sovereignty of God out of the equation….but this is for another post for another day!)

-Am I still reviewing?…..Not currently.  I have taken the year off from reviewing with The Schoolhouse Crew Review.  While it was a ton of fun it was a ton of work.  My kids were sad when I told them we needed the year off….But do you know what?  It was the best decision! I felt like I was constantly trying to figure out what we were working on next and how to juggle it all.  I finally feel like we have a great flow to our homeschool days and that I am completing what I want to get done with my kiddos each day.  I have been contacted by some companies to review things and I am deciding those on a case by case basis.

So besides those 2 big changes we are up to our usual stuff!   The 3 oldest just finished another play…Narnia. Faith (7) just moved up to a pre-competition group for gymnastics.  We are playing that by ear and will reevaluate how we are feeling about gymnastics in June.  She is loving it and man is she building some amazing muscles!  I will be starting to resume blogging, but not to the extent that I had been.  I am enjoying the time with my kiddos. We are also starting the process of finishing our basement to make room for more bedrooms!  We really need them.  So this whole process I am sure will be taking up  much of our extra time!

Looking forward to being back….would love to hear if there are topics you would like me to address here in the future…just leave me a comment!

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  1. Yay, Sacha! So excited for your family’s news! I know it’s got to be hard juggling all your committments, teaching your kids, loving your husband AND dealing with morning sickenss, but you seem to handle it all so well. God is faithful! As far as blog posts go…I love to hear what is working well for your homeschool, any new curriculum you have tried and like, as well as anything that is working well for your family. Glad to hear from you again!

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