My husband and I live in IL. We have been married almost 15 years. We have been homeschooling since our oldest started Kindergarden.   Matthew is now 13 and in 7th grade, Joy is 11 and in 6th, Andrew, 9 and is in 3rd grade, Faith is 6 and Grace is 4 and James was born in Jan 2013.  We have been using Sonlight curriculum for the past 6 years.  I continue to strive to grow as a mom, wife and teacher and cook!  I am hoping this blog will encourage others in their journey as moms, homeschoolers and in their relationship with Christ.

PS.  These aren’t really my kids names, but in order to keep their lives “private” I thought we would keep them anonymous, with different names.  FYI-Matthew wanted to be called Chewbacca.  I thought that might be distracting to read in a blog!


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  1. Hi Sacha……I was surprised to see (from Ricks facebook) that you have a new blog but more surprised to see that you have five babes! That is great and a great blessing. It will be fun to see your day to day life posted. My oldest daughter Ashley has 3 children ,Beck 5, Evie 4, and Britt 1. Her blog is Starcrossedblogger, I will tell her about yours. I can’t remember if you knew each other or not. The Joliet days are fading somewhat.
    Alli is in her 3rd year at SIU Edwardsville IL living at home and still working for Sbucks. She will bless the day she can give up the green apron! We all live in the St.Louis metro area since 08. Bren just turned 20 and did a year with Ywam in Jamaica and Haiti. Rick and I stay busy with the church here as usual. Well, I just wanted to say Hi and send my love…..I always enjoyed talking with you , sorry for the biography! Dana Turner

  2. Hi, Sacha! Thank you for mentioning Scripture Typer in your blog! I am so glad you are finding it helpful! My husband developed Scripture Typer for our family’s personal use, and we are so glad it is helping others as much as it helps us. Have you checked out yet? If you like Scripture Typer, I think you would really like Memory Typer for homeschooling. We are a homeschool family ourselves (my five siblings and I were all homeschooled, and we plan to homeschool our kids, as well…our son is 17 months old now :) , we developed it with people like us in mind! Anyway, many blessings on you and your family and your wholehearted pursuit of God! Blessings, McKenzie

    • Hi McKenzie,

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I feel very honored. Thanks also for mentioning the other program! I will definitely take a look at it. We have been telling everyone about Scripture Typer!!!!

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