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He’s already a month old

He’s already a month old

Wow! Where has time gone? He turned a month old on Tuesday the 12th! He weighs 11lbs (he as 7 lbs 8 oz when we left he hospital) and grew an inch since he was born! I call him our “Chunky Monkey”.

He has been such a great baby.  He doesn’t wake up too much in the middle of the night.  Now when I say that I want you to know that I expect him to wake up every 2-3 hours because babies need to do that to eat!  I am not a Babywise parent and I don’t think he should be sleeping through the night.  He wakes up usually around 3 or 3:30 and again around 6 or so.  I am thrilled with that.  He nurses and goes right back to sleep.

I am loving our one on one time in the morning.  He tends to wake up before everyone else around 7:30.  The rest of the day someone is always asking to hold him but no one is up at 7:30 so I get him all to myself…he is so bright eyed. I am not a morning person but being up with him is just great!

I was so concerned about how he was going to fit into our family and was worried that I would be stressed out trying to handle it all.  I am so thankful that it hasn’t been the case.  I really can’t imagine life without him being in our family.  This really has been one of the smoothest transitions of adding a baby for our family.  With my last one almost 4 years ago I was an emotional wreck for months after the birth and I was so afraid that I would be like that again!

I don’t know how to explain this without it sounding weird but “everything just feels right”.  I feel like I am in a better state emotionally than I have been in a long time. Everyone just loves Lincoln.  The little girls really haven’t shown jealousy towards him.  I am more laid back with things and I think that has helped as well.  Most importantly, it has been the prayers and support of friends and family that have made this adjustment so great.

So that is a little bit of an update for you…a couple days past his month birthday.  See…I really am just a tad bit more laid back…it’s late and I am not stressed in the least! : )

Enjoying our new baby!

Enjoying our new baby!

I haven’t posted much lately because I am really just eating up every minute with baby and family!  I can’t begin to tell you how much I am enjoying it….and what a huge difference it makes having older children when you have a baby!  They are such a huge help and I love watching all my kids with him!

I wanted to share a photo that I had taken when he was 2 weeks old.  (I can’t wait to see the rest from the photo shoot!!!!) I love this photo!

He is already 3 weeks!  It goes way too quickly!

Anyways, I just wanted you to know I am still around, reviews are getting ready to post and we have some cool products we are reviewing right now. But most importantly I am just enjoying being with my family, loving my kids and husband, and cuddling my new baby!

Blessing Others

Blessing Others

I can’t begin to express how much it has meant to us to have friends and strangers willing to bring us a meal!  It is a huge weight off of us to not have to worry about meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparing dinners in this time of transition.

I am not writing this to get others to bring us meals but it is two-fold:

1.  I just want to say THANK YOU to those of you who have brought us meals (or are still bringing us a meal) or who have been praying for us!

2.  I want to let you know how huge of a blessing it is to a family when you can bring them a meal in a time of need.

Until someone has stepped out and helped you it is hard to understand how much it really means.  It’s food, I know….but it is so much more than a meal.  It is love, caring, stepping out of themselves to serve you, placing importance upon you…the list goes on.  I know it sounds mushy and lovey-dovey, but it is what it is!

One of the things that amazed me this round of meals what the kind lady who didn’t even know us….we never had met until she was at my door with a meal.  A meal that she made and then spent 30 minutes (each way) to drive to our house.  She was just kind enough to step out of herself and her busy life to show Christian love through the meal train that our church set up.  We live 30 minutes from the church we are attending, so it is been so generous that our church family has been willing to drive the meals out to us!

Another huge blessing has been the friends who called or facebooked and said they wanted to bring a meal.  With Tim getting back into the swing of shows, there are days that he is gone from early morning to late at night.  To not have to worry about making dinner when I am tired is great!  I was able to fill in some days where I knew Tim was going to be gone with a meal from friends.

This helps ease us back into our regular (or new normal) schedule a little bit at a time.

I really am writing this post to encourage you to find a way to step out and serve/bless another person.  It means so much more than you think it does to the receiver of your blessing!  It is how the body of Christ should work.  I want to make sure that I am aware of the needs of those around me and to make a purposeful effort to step out of my busyness to bless them!  What are you gifted in?  Maybe it is helping clean, bake, take care of children, sew, repair things, a listening ear?  Who knows?  Ask God to show you and to put specific people in your path that you can use your gift to bless them….it will be a blessing to both of you!

What does a perfect house look like to you?

What does a perfect house look like to you?

No More Perfect Moms

So….What does a perfect house look like to you?
As our family is just now coming out of a week of celebrating Christmas, a week of tech rehearsals and a musical, and then preparing for a new baby who was then late…. I’m not sure what the perfect house looks like anymore.
And I’m not sure that I want perfect. Perfect is not real.
Perfect is idealized and idolized. And we never can match up. As I have gotten older, or maybe more seasoned as a mom, or added more kids to our family I have realized that expectations change all the time. And they should change. What I expected to accomplish when I was a mom with one child was very different than now… homeschooling four kids and also having a preschooler and a newborn. In fact as I’m writing this I’m not even sure what my expectations are.  We are still very much in an adjustment phase.  And I am going to be OK with that.
I think as moms we need to sit down and decide with our husbands and God what we should expect of ourselves, spouses, children and home.
I want a house is filled with love, that is relatively clean, and is a place where our family can enjoy being with each other and learning what it means to serve God daily.
Let’s not live in the Pinterest world where everything seems to be perfect. Even in reading other peoples blogs it’s easy to get the idea that everything they do is perfect.  The fact of the matter is that technology and the internet give us messed up perceptions as to what people’s lives are really like. We are really only seeing small snippets of anyone’s lives. And those small snippets are the ones that they chose to show us….usually the good and not so much the bad and ugly! In fact, we aren’t supposed to be comparing ourselves to one another.  What God wants for each one of us is so different….we need to seek Him daily to see what he expects of us!
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He’s here!!!!

He’s here!!!!

We would like to announce that Lincoln James was born on Saturday, January 12th

at 8:51am.  

21 inches and weighing 7 lbs, 13 ozs.

Lincoln James


All 5 kids meeting baby for the first time



We are home and adjusting well!  I will try to post our birth story soon. It was quite a doozy!  I have never had a labor quite like this one!

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