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Gift Wrapping Station

Gift Wrapping Station

This post is for all of you who still haven’t finished all of your Christmas gift wrapping yet!  Above is a photo of  our wrapping paper station that I have set up in our bedroom for the Christmas gift wrapping season.  Yes, I know you are supposed to keep your bedroom as a special sanctuary.  However, when you have 5 kids who would love to know their Christmas gifts the table goes in a room that can be locked!

I think I learned this tip from FlyLady and it has made gift wrapping so much easier!  No more wrapping presents on the floor or having to clear the kitchen table in the middle of wrapping to eat dinner!  All of our supplies are in one location and the table is all cleared off to wrap.  My husband and I can go into our bedroom and wrap presents for an hour or just a few minutes easily! We just sent up a folding 6 foot table and we were ready to get started!

There are a supplies that we like to keep on hand at the table:

  • tape (we are loving the Scotch pop up tape dispensers) These dispense 1 inch segments of tape without you needing to rip it.  Also they somehow magically stick to the table.  We have also used the kind that strap to your wrist.  We like these too!

  • Scissors-at least 2 pairs.  This way if you lose one under the wrapping paper you have another pair handy.
  • Sharpie markers and pens (to label gifts of course)
  • Sticky labels or tags
  • Wrapping paper
  • I also like having a couple big plastic bins nearby to put the presents in once they are wrapped.  Because we celebrate at multiple different locations I like to try and keep the gifts sorted by where I need to take them to be opened.  So one bin for each side of the family!
  • My husband likes to put the TV on and watch while he wraps.  Or you could listen to some Christmas music to set the mood while you wrap!

I hope this might help some of you in your last minute wrapping!  It raises your productivity level and you can get a few minutes in here and there wrapping between baking or other activities you might have planned!

A quick update and an Advent resource

A quick update and an Advent resource

Wow, Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas holiday season is in full swing!  This has meant that I haven’t had a whole lot of free time.  On top of that, some of you may have heard that right before Thanksgiving my husband and I helped our community theatre win $25,000 from Chase Community Giving.  That took up a lot of time.  I really appreciated everyone who took the time to vote for our theatre.  We are also full swing into rehearsals for the upcoming show, The Sound of Music.  Having 3 children who made it in the production means 9 volunteer hours for me!  I have been working on sewing costumes!  One dress down and one almost done!  I am a quilter, not a seamstress!  I am actually going to be a pretty good seamstress by the time I am done with this production.  I even managed to put in a zipper all by myself!  (This is huge!)

The first dress I sewed! (and altered!)


We are getting decorations out a bit at a time and will be starting our Advent book this week on December 1st!  We have been using the same book for 5 years now.  The kids squeal, yes actually squeal, when they see me pull the book out of our Christmas bins!  The book is titled, The Advent Book, by Jack and Kathy Stockman. I just checked to see if you could purchase it because it has been out of print.  It has been reprinted as of this year!  Here is the link to check it out!

I am not reviewing this or getting a portion of the sales, we just love this book and have such great family memories from reading it each evening together as a family.  It is basically the Christmas story retold through 25 days.  On day 1 you read the page with door 1 and open the door. Day 2 you read day 1 and then day 2.  Day 3 you will start at day one and read to day 3.  You get the idea….  The artwork is beautiful and the words are written in a way that young and old can enjoy them!

Here is what their website says about it:

The Advent Book is designed to be a family heirloom and the centerpiece of an annual Christmas worship tradition. The large full-color book with beautiful illustrations features 25 unique doors, each opening to reveal a picture and a segment of the Christmas story. The story is told in simple concise language so that even young children can be included in this Advent tradition. A new door is opened each day from Dec. 1st through Christmas in the manner of an Advent calendar. Because the doors are reopened and added to every day, family members enjoy the anticipation of remembering or revealing what is behind each door and learn the Biblical story by heart. NOTE: The Advent Book, created by Jack and Kathy Stockman, was formerly published by Crossway Books (2000-2007). The 2011 printing of the Heirloom Edition by Open Doors is similar to the classic cloth-bound First Edition, but with enhancements: gilt page edges, debossed gold stamping, double sided ribbon, and an elegant matte finish. (The inside door pages of every edition of The Advent Book are the same.)

What special traditions does your family have to celebrate Christmas?