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What’s Your Body Image? “No More Perfect Bodies…”

What’s Your Body Image? “No More Perfect Bodies…”

Hearts at Home Blog Hop

Wow, this topic for our Hearts at Home blog hop hits close to home because I just had a baby in the last couple of months. My body is no where back to where it was before I got pregnant.

Yes, I know that it took nine months to gain all that weight so it should take some time for me to lose all of that weight.
But it is easy to get a little bit obsessed about it because the swimsuit season is coming up. I am NOT planning on wearing a bikini. That is a different issue of modesty. However, it would be great to feel good in a tankini and skirt.  We spend 2 weeks on vacation at the beach and pool…that is a lot of time in a swim suit!
I realized something funny the other day. My stomach probably looks three or four months pregnant now. When I actually was three or four months pregnant I thought my belly looked cute. However now it looks the same way and I think it looks flabby.  So what changed?  Just my perception of things.
Anyway it got me to thinking as I was getting ready to blog on this topic of no more perfect bodies. I know a couple months ago I talked about how there really isn’t a “perfect”.    But I did think it would be interesting to Google what the average women’s size is. According to an article I read the average woman is 5’4″ tall, has a waist size of 34 to 35 inches, and weighs between 140-150 pounds with a dress size of 12 to 14. I also found out that a size 8 in the 1950s is now a size 4 or less today. Hmm…It’s easy to be deceived into thinking that your self worth is measured in terms of your dress size.
I believe we should be taking care of the temple that God has given us…it doesn’t need to look a certain way or weigh a certain amount. But it is important to follow these few tips to help you know what is healthy and appropriate for you:
1.  Know your waist size. The goal is to have a waist circumference of less than 35 inches.  This has nothing to do with how you look. Larger than that is associated with too much internal belly fat which is associated with heart disease and diabetes.
2. Calculate your BMI.  You just need your weight and height.  This website has a BMI calculator…just punch in your 2 numbers!  You want to keep your BMI in the range of 20-25. If it is more than this it is associated with the consequences of being overweight and obese. If it is less than that you also could be headed for trouble by being too thin. On a side note if you are really athletic you may be an exception to the BMI rule.
3.  Live a healthy lifestyle. If you are eating a healthy diet and getting at least 30 minutes of cardio activity five times a week and some form of strengthening two times a week you are living an optimal lifestyle.  (Now as a homeschooling mom who just had a baby I kind of laugh at this.  Sleeping and resting has become more important than exercise. Although, I am sure I would feel better if I exercised every day. It really is hard to find time. I have heard that if I actually scheduled it it would likely happen.)
So with all that being said I would suggest that we aim for reasonable goals. Doing something is better than nothing at all. Right now it would be unrealistic for me to set the goal of exercising five times a week. About two days into that plan I would have failed already and given up. But I could probably set a goal to exercise 1 to 2 times a week right now and work my way up from there. Setting baby steps as goals helps you to succeed at them.
I think it is very important as moms to not obsess about our bodies…Especially if we have daughters. The last thing we want is our daughters to grow up with being obsessed about their self-image.  It is much more important to show our daughters (and children in general) how to have a healthy lifestyle of eating well and exercising regularly.
I hope that I was able to put a different spin on the topic of “No More Perfect Bodies” and hopefully encourage you in this area.  You will also want to check out Jill Savage’s blog and all the other bloggers for the 3rd Thursday Blog Hop!

What does a perfect house look like to you?

What does a perfect house look like to you?

No More Perfect Moms

So….What does a perfect house look like to you?
As our family is just now coming out of a week of celebrating Christmas, a week of tech rehearsals and a musical, and then preparing for a new baby who was then late…. I’m not sure what the perfect house looks like anymore.
And I’m not sure that I want perfect. Perfect is not real.
Perfect is idealized and idolized. And we never can match up. As I have gotten older, or maybe more seasoned as a mom, or added more kids to our family I have realized that expectations change all the time. And they should change. What I expected to accomplish when I was a mom with one child was very different than now… homeschooling four kids and also having a preschooler and a newborn. In fact as I’m writing this I’m not even sure what my expectations are.  We are still very much in an adjustment phase.  And I am going to be OK with that.
I think as moms we need to sit down and decide with our husbands and God what we should expect of ourselves, spouses, children and home.
I want a house is filled with love, that is relatively clean, and is a place where our family can enjoy being with each other and learning what it means to serve God daily.
Let’s not live in the Pinterest world where everything seems to be perfect. Even in reading other peoples blogs it’s easy to get the idea that everything they do is perfect.  The fact of the matter is that technology and the internet give us messed up perceptions as to what people’s lives are really like. We are really only seeing small snippets of anyone’s lives. And those small snippets are the ones that they chose to show us….usually the good and not so much the bad and ugly! In fact, we aren’t supposed to be comparing ourselves to one another.  What God wants for each one of us is so different….we need to seek Him daily to see what he expects of us!
This post is linked up with Hearts at Home 3rd Thursdays Blog Hop.  Hop on over to Jill Savage’s blog to see what others are say about “No More Perfect Homes”.   Also join us next month for a”No More Perfect Marriages” and March for “No More Perfect Bodies”.

I Haven’t Dropped off the face of the earth…and the things we’re up to!

I Haven’t Dropped off the face of the earth…and the things we’re up to!

It ‘s be a while since I posted!  I just wanted to update you that we are all well!  We were finishing up our school year before a vacation.  We had our final co-op spring program.  This was wonderful.  The drama class put on a performance of The Emperor’s New Clothes.   So much fun.  Matthew had the lead.  He was so excited and had 80+ lines to memorize.  I needed to come up with 9 costumes for my kiddos.  4 for the emperor, 4 gowns with eclectic style for the emperor’s daughter and a butler costume!  Whew, that made life very busy!

I also was able to help with a few alterations etc for other kids in the co-op.  The ladies were very sweet to call me a “master seamstress” through all this!  I don’t know that the title was deserved!

The Royal Family and their Butler

I also spent the semester teaching 7 girls how to quilt between the ages of 8-11.  While there were a few moments that I wondered if they would all get it done I am glad to report that they all finished them and they looked great!  I was so totally proud of them. It was great to see them all displayed at the final program!


They were so excited to get 2 rows put together!

3 proud girls with their quilts before the play began

Other than those 2 big things, we are just trying to wind down for the summer. I always laugh at myself this time of year because I have such huge expectations for the summer. Kids will do math everyday, finish up the bit of science and writing that didn’t get done before vacation, organize and de-clutter my whole house, plan the next school year, spend plenty of time outside…the list goes on and on. I can’t wait to report back in August at how much of that list has gone by the wayside! I will bet it will be quite a bit.

Oh, I forgot to tell you all that I am blogging once a month with Hearts at Home! You might have caught my last month’s post on Balance. Reason I am telling you is that I won a book from that post and will be giving it away end of May or beginning of June. I am super excited so make sure you check back so that you don’t miss it! Who doesn’t love a free book?